Our activities are not one-fit-all. We are flexible and tailor our activities to your specific wants and needs. They are designed for small groups and include travel insurance.

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We have design this part-walking tours through the city to show visitors a more authentic side of the city. You will see Medellin from a closer and more sincere perspective, helping you gain a better understanding of its people, culture, and history. Using the integrated transportation system, you will appreciate how Medellin had evolved from its troubled past. Today, it is one of the more inclusive and modern cities in South America, with many recreational and cultural activities and with plenty new public spaces to enjoy.


We are flexible and we are not in a rush, so you will be able to stop where you prefer and take your time to take pictures and enjoy your favorite parts of the excursion. We will also stop to have a drink so you can recharge your batteries to keep going on the exciting trip.



Enjoy the city’s nightlife drinking and partying in one night in the best bars and clubs in Medellin. This a is a fantastic way to meet new friends and have all the fun you are looking for while benefiting from discounts and VIP privileges that only Zoomiing can offer you. Let’s rock the party!



Add real adventure to your city experience! Encounter feelings and emotions you do not normally feel. Take a break out of the normal routine with all the safety measures implemented by professionals. With the adventures we offer, you will feel alive. Enjoy nature and adventure close to the city with zoOmiing.




zoOmiing offers you language experiences that will enhance your fluency in Spanish.


You can get to know a specific place in the city and practice Spanish at the same time with the activities we have design for you.


How it works?

Choose one of the four places on the city we suggest to you and we will send you instructive material about the activity that will take place. You are ready to meet with our qualified staff to practice your Spanish






Enjoy a great trip to Medellin’s surroundings with us! Medellin is the capital of the Antioquia Department. This region is crossed by the Cordillera Central and the Cordillera Occidental of the Andes. Most of its territory is mountainous with some valleys and with a big variety of climates. It has many acres of tropical forest with a great diversity of Andean fauna. Within a couple of hours driving out of Medellin you can find exciting destinations to visit. We will be visiting small towns with colonial architecture that still follow the customs and traditions of their ancestors. We will trek through the towns and will visit coffee farms, traditional fruit producers, sugar cane mills and other kinds of traditional crops of the region. Fishing spots and cattle lands are also part of this trip! Exceptional views and friendly people are waiting for you!




If you need help with the language or you have your own schedule, zoOmiing will suit your personal needs. We offer three different services for you:


Modify a zoOmiing Plan

You can modify any of our plans in an easy way, by changing the things you don’t want to do during the plan and adding the ones you would like to see.


Propose your own Plan

If you have heard about a marvellous place and you want to go and see it for yourself, or if you want to visit more places on a longer trip; we invite you to propose your own plan!. Just tell us where do you want to go in or out of the city and we will create an itinerary just for you and your group.


I just need a Personal Translator

If you have a specific plan in the city and you need help with the language, tell us where to meet and one of our Staff members will assist you as your personal translator.